Mother’s Day

Mom. One word means so much. Parent. Teacher. Coach. Motivator. Supporter. Chauffeur. Disciplinarian. Miracle healer. Mind reader. The list goes on. Here in America we celebrate our mothers today, May 12th, the second Sunday in May. Brazil is the same. In England and Mexico it was March 10. In France […]

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How Do I Start?

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and believe it is for you, you are likely wondering – how do I start? That was my question, but there was so much to comprehend, I was overwhelmed. I learned through trial and error to apply Occam’s Razor – Keep things

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Is This For You?

I know affiliate marketing will allow me to reach my best life goals. Are you wondering if this is for you? Are you over 60 and retired, or on the cusp of retiring and worried about having enough when you retire to live the retirement life you want? Then this

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