My Backstory

My name is Jordan Clouse and this is my first ever Blog.

As I child I watched a TV show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. It was the dramatic journey of a submarine that explored the oceans and sought answers to the world’s problems. I am no submarine captain and I am not trying to find answers to today’s world problems. I am embarking on a voyage in the affiliate marketing world to achieve success and accomplish my ultimate goal. I am brand new to this and thus starting out at the bottom of the e-commerce “sea” on my voyage to the top.

I retired from the Army in 2016 after a 37-year career and then went to work for the Army as a civilian attorney until September 2022 when I finally had enough of Government service and fully retired. Being retired allowed me to devote more time to several volunteer organizations, spend more time with my mom who is in ill health, and spend lots of time at home with my two amazing Shiba Inu dogs, Toshi and Calli.

Though I had a decent retirement income, I still had debt from a student loan, a couple of divorces, several credit cards, home improvement loans and my mortgage. Not only do I want a retirement free of debt, but I want to replace the full-time civilian attorney income I gave up, to live my dream life, and take care of my daughter and her family and the charities I support. That’s all well and good, but, how?

In January of 2023 while browsing the Internet I saw numerous ads for affiliate marketing programs that promised incredible financial success in just a couple hours a day. I never heard of affiliate marketing before and, being on the Internet, I was skeptical. I saw a promising ad and paid for that program in January 2023, but it was so overwhelming and confusing with no instructions I got discouraged and quit. I saw an ad in February for a different program and paid for that, but again, it was so confusing I lost interest and soon quit.

In March 2023 I saw an ad by Dean Holland. There was something about his program that was different and I liked. I invested in his basic program and received his awesome book The Iceberg Effect. That should have been the beginning of my voyage. It wasn’t.

After completing his basic program I invested in a more comprehensive coaching program but then got sidetracked with life. I went on several trips, was busy with numerous volunteer commitments and fell victim to many distractions. Those all interrupted my learning and commitment to the program and I failed to make it a habit. I did too much too soon and let life get in the way of committing to my dream life. My first attempt at success in affiliate marketing and achieving my dream life, I failed and languished for almost a year. A year!

However, my initial failure was just a temporary setback and a lesson learned. The biggest lesson learned was not asking for help. Dean has incredible resources to help us succeed, but I refused to ask for help.  I was overwhelmed and behind in my progress but was determined to figure things out on my own. That was stupid, and my stubbornness cost me time I could have used to learn and grow my business.

I finally sought help in November. Now I am energized with a renewed commitment to success and achieving my goals, through his amazing Beginner’s Advantage program.

This Blog is for anyone just starting in affiliate marketing. There is a lot to learn in this business and I have made many mistakes so far just getting started. When I was starting last year and got frustrated, I often thought there had to be a better way of learning this and understanding everything.

This Blog is for you – I want you to see the mistakes and errors I made/make so you can avoid those and have even more success. I will share with you what I did/do right, and wrong. Of course, you would be wise to double check what I am telling you to confirm for yourself, just like I do.

Affiliate marketing is about helping others obtain value in a good product or program. It’s not about you, the marketer, but your potential customers. This Blog is about sharing things I am learning and doing so you can learn and do them for your business – giving you value for spending time with me. I wish I would have read something like this when I was starting out.

Feel free to check out some of my recent Blog posts now, and be sure to visit often as I will be updating and sharing at least every week. I welcome you on my Voyage to the Top of the Sea.

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