Have You Ran A Marathon (Mindset)?

Some of you may have opened this post right away because you are a runner and perhaps ran a marathon, while others might have been hesitant because the thought of running without being chased is a hard pass.

No, running is not required in affiliate marketing. Your business is work-from-home or work-from-anywhere flexible. However, I am learning that a critical part of success as an affiliate marketer is having the same mindset as a marathoner. Determination and perseverance. I’ve mentioned this before: it is not about getting rich quick but getting rich forever.

As a former marathoner I knew Why I was running (I loved it and wanted to challenge myself on an iconic course), and had my Goal (the ideal time I wanted to finish under and get my medal). My Why got me to the starting line. To achieve my Goal would be 10% physical (I already trained by running hundreds of miles); and 90% mental (I could not see the end and did not know what I would experience the next 3 to 4 hours). Some marathons went very well and I exceeded my Goal beyond my expectations. (Fulda ’80, Berlin ’82, Tampa ’03 ). Others were quite painful and miserable and I wanted to quit numerous times, but I forced myself to persevere and finish (Greece ’80, Marine Corps ’01, Boston ’04). It came down to mindset: I refused to quit and focused on reaching the finish line even though I couldn’t see it. Determination and perseverance. Amazing the crazy things runners do for a little piece of metal on a fabric loop.

I had to stop running in 2012. It was very disheartening because I loved it, but I believe everything happens for a reason. However, my next “Marathon” is my affiliate marketing business. My Why brought me to the starting line (I want my ideal retired life and to leave a positive legacy). My Goal is the ideal life income I want to achieve. This time the finish line is not in miles or hours, but a quantifiable income goal that will take years. I cannot see the end and I know it will not be easy, but I know living the life I want will be worth it.

I started my race (began my business) in March last year. I felt I came to the starting line prepared for my journey. When I retired I had accomplished many goals, was confident in my abilities, and refused to accept failure. Unfortunately, when I began I had a steep learning curve, I did not properly schedule my time, I was distracted by many life activities, and I refused to ask for help while I was going through my affiliate marketing course because I thought I could figure it out on my own. I was overwhelmed. As a result, I got discouraged, wondered if I made a mistake, and took a break from the course I had invested in. I had a weak mindset and wasted a year of my life.

However, I did not quit. I reached out for help in November and Dean Holland himself responded and gave me the focus and motivation I needed. I cannot emphasize this enough: do not attempt this by yourself. Do not be shy or afraid to ask for help or guidance. As an ISTJ (and marathoner), I was used to figuring things out on my own. In this business, there is strength in numbers. I started this blog to share my successes and failures so you can vicariously learn from my mistakes, avoid them, and use my successes to your advantage. I get a lot of inspiration from my fellow Beginner’s Advantage bloggers. I participate in the weekly coaching and live broadcasts. I have committed to trust the process Dean has created. I know I will have good days and persevere through the bad days. And I am determined to become a master at affiliate marketing and remained focused on my Goal.

For you, you have taken the first step to improve your life. Congratulations. You discovered your Why and determined your Goal. Your affiliate marketing business is a marathon, not a sprint. I will not promise it will be easy and you will not see instant results. However, I believe it will be worth it. Adopt the mindset of a marathoner: determination and perseverance. Follow me on my Voyage so that you can learn from my failures and get inspiration from my successes. You’ve already made the right choice – launch your own affiliate marketing business. Now either go after the life you want, or settle for the life you get. I am going after the life I want. Let’s go together.

2 thoughts on “Have You Ran A Marathon (Mindset)?”

  1. Hi Jordan,

    What an inspiring post! Your analogy of comparing affiliate marketing to running a marathon resonates deeply. The determination and perseverance required in both endeavors are indeed crucial for success.

    As someone who’s not a runner, I found your experiences and mindset as a marathoner incredibly motivating. It’s clear that the principles you’ve learned from running—having a strong Why, setting goals, and pushing through challenges—are directly applicable to building a successful affiliate marketing business.

    Your honesty about the challenges you faced, including the steep learning curve and the initial reluctance to ask for help, is refreshing. It’s a valuable reminder that seeking guidance and being part of a supportive community can make all the difference. Dean Holland’s support and your engagement with fellow bloggers and coaching sessions highlight the importance of not going it alone in this journey.

    I appreciate your encouragement for new affiliates to embrace the marathon mindset. The emphasis on the long-term commitment and the realistic expectation that results won’t come overnight but are worth the effort is spot on. Your story of perseverance through both the highs and lows is truly inspiring.

    Thank you for sharing your journey and insights. I’m looking forward to following your Voyage and learning from both your successes and mistakes. Let’s indeed go after the life we want, together.


    1. Thanks, Steve. This thought just struck me out of the blue. I sometimes struggle with “what am I going to post next, or how do I keep this going?” I go back to what Dean said about posting ideas – what I’m doing now, things I’m learning, ways I’m feeling, achievements, etc. I want to post things that people are interested in and help. I know what it means to me, I just don’t know how others will see it. Well, with my perseverance mindset, I’ll keep posting about what I am feeling and my successes, doubts and failures as it’s

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