Hello world!

My first Blog post!

No, I am not a submarine captain traveling the sea to save the world, like the 1960’s movie Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. I’m a regular guy embarking on a journey in an affiliate marketing career. I am sitting on the bottom of the e-commerce “sea” and beginning my voyage upward to the top to achieve financial success and personal freedom. 

This Blog is for those starting out in affiliate marketing who have questions, skepticism, and wonder if this is for real. There is a lot of hyperbole on social media about getting rich quick with affiliate marketing. Don’t fall for it! As my mentor, Dean Holland, said – “this is not about getting rich quick, it is about getting rich forever. It is about believing in yourself, trusting the process, having the courage to put yourself out there in public, never giving up, and never being afraid to ask for help.” This Blog is the manifestation of my courage to put myself out in the world of e-commerce, trust in the process and most importantly, trust in myself.

I invite you on my journey to vicariously learn from my mistakes, frustrations, challenges and experiences, and copy and apply my successes to your business. My first mistakes and lessons learned, were attempting too much in the beginning, being overwhelmed, and not asking for help. As a result I was “stuck in port” for over a year and did not go anywhere. Yes, you read that right. I first entered affiliate marketing a year ago in January 2023 but failed to commit to action. I learned a lot through Dean Holland’s programs but failed to ask for help and venture out of my comfort zone. Do not make my mistake. Wishing does not get results, only action. To be successful, we must hold ourselves accountable – Alex Jeffries.

Today is the first step of holding myself accountable – introducing myself to the world and declaring I am serious and committed to being successful and not letting life pass me by with unrealized dreams. I only get one life and I want to make the most of it. What about you? Are you happy in your current job working to live? With few exceptions, you will never get rich working for someone else. Do you want to make a change to make the most out of life? I do, and I hope you do as well. While I am not perfect and do not have all the answers, I will be open, honest and candid in my voyage, sharing the good and bad, so you can use that to your advantage in your business. There is only one person who can truly change your life – You! I hope to see you on my voyage.

14 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Congratulations on your first blog post! Asking for help and having a support system is essential to success. Affiliate Marketing can seem only at times, just you and your computer. I notice sometimes I don’t know what to work on and what steps I should take at the moment, and sometimes I am not even sure what questions to ask, When this happens I will just show up to the live Q&As to listen to other people’s questions; I find I learn a lot from this. Networking with other people on the journey has also been an invaluable tool that has helped me and holds me accountable. I wish you much success on your affiliate marketing journey and I hope you are celebrating this big step: your first blog post!!!!

    1. Alison,
      Thank you for your comments. You’re the first one from the BA community that I added as a friend on FB after we talking in a breakout session. I’ve been very impressed with how professional your blog is so your comments are quite meaningful. If we wish to become better, we need to surround ourselves with people better than us and aspire to their level.

    1. Sherri,
      Thanks. I had to post this because I am so far behind and see everyone else making great strides with their blog. I had to “get out of port” to be relevant in this community.

  2. Jordan, Congratulations on starting your first blog, and what a powerful introduction it is! Your journey from skepticism to commitment in affiliate marketing is truly inspiring. It takes courage to put yourself out there and share both the successes and challenges. I’m excited to follow along and learn from your experiences as you navigate the e-commerce seas. Wishing you all the best on your voyage to success! Thanks, Atif

    1. Atif,
      Thank you. It’s always good to get other people’s opinions on what I am doing. I can think I have a good post, only to discover not so much. Likewise, I may feel my post is mediocre only to hear it is much better than I thought. I think this is a great forum to learn and get get better.

  3. Hi Jordan,
    Welcome! I had done the same thing you did. I took way too long on my website before asking for help with it. It’s completely normal for us to want to try to figure it out on our own. Although, it does go by quicker when you ask for help. I’m glad you figured that out for yourself. You gave some good advice in your post today. Thank you! Good luck on your journey.

    1. Meredith,
      Thanks for your comment. It often seems like I am progressing a lot slower than everyone else in BA. That’s because I’m used to figuring things out on my own and not asking for help. I’m glad I am part of this community and asking for help is key. Often I am my own worst enemy. I appreciate all comments, good and bad, which helps me get better.

  4. Jordan,

    Congratulations on starting your affiliate marketing journey! I appreciate your realistic take on the challenges and rewards ahead. Your commitment to sharing both successes and setbacks is inspiring. Looking forward to following your journey!

    Keep Moving Forward!!

    1. CJ,
      Thanks. Since I have never done this before and have a lot to learn, all I can do is be honest with with my journey so hopefully others can avoid my mistakes and apply my success. I see I am not alone in my struggles.

  5. Jordan, I’m so proud of you. This shows that you’re in it to win it. Congrats on your first blog post, and boy, is it beautifully written. You will do great as long as you stick with it and never give up. I have been searching and quitting for 10 + years, and after finding Dean and the gang, I have never felt so sure of myself and what I can accomplish until now. I’ve hit the jackpot with Dean because he is the real deal. I so look forward to following along on your journey. You’re doing fabulous!!!

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Coming from you that means a lot. I enjoy your Blog. So clean, professional and written in an easy to understand manner. I hope to eventually get as good as you. Thanks.


  6. Hi Jordan,
    Congratulations on a well written first blog post. Welcome back to the training. Go at your own pace and get help from Dean’s capable staff and put in support tickets.
    The more blogs you write the better you will get writing them. I struggle with blogging and sometimes I take days to write one.
    Keep up the good work and soldier on!

    1. Hi Regina,
      Thanks. I am trying. I am way behind in Saturday shares but slow and steady. It takes me a while to write a blog as well because I want it to give value. Thanks for the support.

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