How Do I Start?

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and believe it is for you, you are likely wondering – how do I start? That was my question, but there was so much to comprehend, I was overwhelmed. I learned through trial and error to apply Occam’s Razor – Keep things as simple as possible. For affiliate marketing, take things one step at a time.

First, you need to know Why you want to get into affiliate marketing. This is your Purpose for starting and building your business. Do you need more income in retirement? Need more income to prepare for retirement? Want more income, or want to replace your job, to afford that house or meet your financial obligations? Want a better way to make a successful living and enjoy life? Or, do you want to help others achieve that? Those are all great reasons, but Why do you want more money in your life and what will it mean to achieve it? Take time to think about this and decide, and then write it down, because it is the basis for your business.

Do not underestimate this first step. It is important to find your Why. As Dean Holland said – once you discover your Why, you can unlock your ability to become a success. One way to truly discover your core Why is to keep asking why until you get there.

To see how I found my Why, click here.

Second, understand that a business is built by providing a valuable solution to a problem other people are experiencing. The biggest problem most people are experiencing right now is the high cost of inflation and not having an adequate income to get ahead and enjoy life. The inflation rate for 2021 was 7%, for 2022 was 6.5%, and for 2023 was 3.5%. ( Home prices have jumped 47% since 2020 (, rent has increased over 26% ( and grocery prices have increased 25% ( Unfortunately, this has resulted in Americans drawing down their savings and racking up more credit card debt than ever before just to pay their daily living expenses. Talk about quashing hope and optimism for the future! Couple that with many people being dissatisfied with their job and not being paid what they are worth, and you have many people who are miserable and lost hope!

I quit a good paying job with the Federal government a year and a half ago because I was tired of being tired, I did not align with the organization’s changing values and I hated working for a micromanaging, narcissistic, and insecure boss. (Did I mention I did not like him?) Yes it made things a bit harder, financially, but I was actually happy, mentally and physically. I then saw this opportunity with Dean and took it. One of my goals is to not only replace my Federal government salary, but double it, at least.

You too can offer a solution to someone who was like me – a better way to earn an income that will not only help people who have become discouraged keep up with their expenses of daily living, but live the life they want. Do you want to focus on a demographic group you most identify with and can relate to – Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X or Baby Boomers? This is called Targeted Traffic. Or do you want to offer it to everyone? While I offer this opportunity to everyone, I truly relate to retirees, Veterans and Baby Boomers, and to a large extent, Gen X’ers. You will attract who you are. I am proud to be a Veteran and retired and know the reality of retirement.

As Dean taught me, if you understand who your target audience is and your solution aligns with your core values, your leads, hot leads and customers will see you are genuine and have their best interest at heart and they will begin to know, like and trust you. Embrace where you are at – don’t hide from it! The nice thing about being 62, retired, and happy with my life is I can just be me and pursue this opportunity to offer hope for everyone struggling just to make ends meet. This is not about me, it’s about offering hope for others desperately searching for a better way, especially retirees and Veterans.

Third, ignore all the social media hyperbole. So many people on social media show you shiny new objects and promise you untold riches in a week or 10 days. Affiliate marketing is not about getting rich quick, but getting rich forever. If it was that easy, everybody would be doing it. There is a lot to learn as you start to grow your business from scratch. I am starting my learning. The best thing I did to start my voyage was get Dean Holland’s incredible book The Iceberg Effect. It is an easy to read, straightforward guide explaining why traditional affiliate marketing is dead and the secret to success in today’s e-commerce world. The book really helped me understand the affiliate marketing world and why the old system no longer works. With that understanding, and becoming an Internet Profits Certified Partner, I am committed to being successful and not letting life pass me by with unrealized dreams.

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  1. Great post! Breaking down the process into simple, actionable steps is such valuable advice, especially when starting out in affiliate marketing. Finding your “Why” is crucial—it’s what keeps you motivated and focused through challenges. Your firsthand experience really highlights the importance of aligning with your values and understanding your target audience. Thanks for sharing your journey and these insightful tips!

    1. Thanks, Alison. Finding my why took some honest soul searching but once I kept asking, I discovered my actual purpose and desire and that helps keep me focused. It’s not about the money, but what I do with my life and the success I achieve.

  2. I really enjoyed this post as I can relate to some of the things you mentioned about inflation. So many people are suffering in Australia from 12 consecutive interest rate rises on their mortgages by the Reserve Bank in an effort to lower the inflation rate. Guess what it hasn’t lowered much and at times I am not earning enough money from my day job to even get to bank some of it.
    There is a rent crisis going on as landlords offload their investment properties that they can no longer afford to rent out. Rents have increased to an all time high. So many people turn up for the open for inspections of a rental with no hope of ever getting into the rental market. More people are having to rent only one room in a shared house.
    Good advice to would be affiliate marketers about finding their why they want to follow this path.
    I am sure you will reach more than just retirees as your target audience.

    1. Hi Regina. Obviously I took a lot of inspiration from Dean’s advice and from some of the blog posts. Reading other’s post often inspires me with new ideas and gives me perspectives on my own posts. I also keep hearing article after article about how expensive it is and how difficult renting, let alone home ownership, is. Very sad to see so many people struggling and losing hope. It sounds tragic in Australia. Often we are just focused on our own country and don’t realize how much worse it is in other parts of the world. That’s why I am such a big advocate of traveling to see and experience other countries and societies. I hope I am able to give people hope through my journey.

  3. I’m thinking you might be helpful to veterans. You are a veteran and you understand them. Of course, if that isn’t your passion, then forget about it. (Rodney Dangerfield!😝)

    1. Hi Kate. Veterans are my passion. Veterans become a priority when it is election season, then we are forgotten about after elections are over. So many Veterans are struggling with mental and financial issues. Breaks my heart to know my brothers and sisters in arms are having such a tough time. My desire is to help as many Veterans as possible, which is why I am involved in Veterans organizations as well.

  4. I started affiliate marketing to have a retirement and free-up time for the ones I love. I consider the present moment the only time we have to be happy. But, looking at my present, it’s financially struggling. So this has to change. I will make a success of my business. But again I have to be patient. Like you said, it’s not about getting rich quick, but getting rich forever.

    1. Hi Martin. Yes, having the courage to make a change to improve your financial situation can be daunting, but I think you have a great attitude that will see you achieve success. It’s not easy putting in the work initially and not see instant results, but as Dean said, I am trusting the process. I do wish you all the best on your journey and look forward to seeing your successes.

  5. Hi, Jordan!
    Knowing my why keeps me going when I am tempted to quit. I know my why, and I can’t give up since it’s attainable. I’ve found along the way, I have multiple whys. There’s the I need to make money for my family’s future. There’s the fun stuff we can do together: vacations, activities, etc. And most of all, there’s the free time we’ll have together.

    But sometimes I have to get real and focus back on the original why. For me, it is to make money for the future. There is a real need there, all fun aside. It helps me to get serious and not put off what I need to do to get there.

    And as you say, everybody has a why. We can help each other get there.

    Have a wonderful week, Jordan!

    1. Thank Nakina. Remembers my whys helps keep me focused and progressing forward in my business. I enjoy being a part of this community because so many people have different whys and it’s nice to see us overcoming difficulties and challenges. That’s inspiring.

  6. Jordan, this post is incredibly insightful for anyone looking to dive into affiliate marketing. Starting with a clear understanding of your purpose and target audience is crucial. I appreciate the emphasis on finding your “Why” and providing valuable solutions to real-life problems. It’s refreshing to see someone sharing their journey and offering practical advice instead of just hype. Thanks for sharing your experience and recommendations—it’s inspiring to see your commitment to success and helping others along the way. Thanks, Atif

    1. Thanks, Atif. I so enjoy your blog and take inspiration from your posts. I can only be myself and give advice based on what I have experienced. I hope that helps me relate to people. I don’t like to hype anything, but instead give realistic advice. It is essential to have goals and ambition, but also be honest in achieving them, through consistent progress and determination.

  7. I like the idea of combining your target market with the people we most relate to, not only are we going to have a better understanding of how they think, but also a better understanding of their needs – and if we find solutions for the problems we have, it will probably help them as well.

  8. I like the idea of combining your target market with the people we most relate to, not only are we going to have a better understanding of how they think, but also a better understanding of their needs – and if we find solutions for the problems we have, it will probably help them as well.

    1. Thanks, Nathan. That’s my hope, and why I have this Blog. I’m an older retiree, reaching out to those similarly situated to offer them hope and let them know that if I can do it, so can they. I will share my failures and success so hopefully they don’t make the same mistakes. Of course this is applicable to anyone and I offer hope to everyone.

  9. A most enjoyable post to read with many excellent points. I side-tracked to have a look at your “Why” post and was very impressed with it. It puts mine to shame.

  10. Sarah Goulding

    Your journey into affiliate marketing resonates deeply with me. I, too, felt overwhelmed at first, but learning to simplify the process and understanding my “why” made all the difference. Identifying a clear purpose, like aiming for a better retirement or financial freedom, is crucial. Providing valuable solutions to real problems, especially in today’s economic climate, aligns perfectly with my own experiences. Dean’s teachings and “The Iceberg Effect” have also been instrumental in my journey. Thank you for sharing your story and insights!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. As I am a bit behind in the blog posting and have never done a blog before, it is a bit intimidating to think of content or topics to blog about every week. I want to be fresh, enjoyable and helpful. I take inspiration from your posts and several others. You are much farther ahead of me and I love your style and get to learn from someone better (like you). If we do not have a purpose for anything, how can we be successful? As a former marathoner, I am used to going a great distance for the accomplishment (and sometimes reward) at the end. Now I am applying it to my entrepreneurial journey.

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