Is This For You?

I know affiliate marketing will allow me to reach my best life goals. Are you wondering if this is for you?

Are you over 60 and retired, or on the cusp of retiring and worried about having enough when you retire to live the retirement life you want? Then this is for you.

Are you 45-60, in your peak earning years with the kids grown and on their own, but frustrated working a full-time job knowing it is not enough for you to live the life you want when you retire and think there is a better way? Then this is for you.

Are you 25-45, pursuing the career you spent a fortune in college/graduate school for, frustrated and/or discouraged keeping up with all your financial responsibilities of life, or trying to afford that first house that is seemingly out of reach now? Wondering if you will have the nice life your parents did? Then this is for you.

Are you under 25, just starting out in life, shocked by the realities of inflation and life’s responsibilities, still living with your parents because of the high cost of living, knowing there has to be a better way to make a successful living and enjoy life? Then this is for you.

Or, are you a disabled Veteran with a VA disability pension, not able to work a traditional job and need another source of income just to get by? I personally know a VA disability pension alone is insufficient to maintain a normal standard of living. It’s hard enough to get the just compensation you’re entitled to from the VA bureaucracy. Then this truly is for you.

If you relate to any of the above situations, then follow me on my journey as I show you that even an “old” guy can do this and achieve his goals. If I can do it, so can you. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Yes. Will I suffer setbacks or failure along the way? Most certainly, but I have learned from my past failures and will use them to help me succeed.

I know where I am going and what I want to achieve. Do you?

15 thoughts on “Is This For You?”

  1. Great post! Affiliate marketing really is accessible to everyone and has so much to offer to those who can put in the work consistently and never give up!!!! Look forward to following your journey and seeing you reach your goals!

    1. Hi Jordan,
      Excellent post! Affiliate marketing truly provides opportunities for everyone and offers great potential to those who are committed to consistent effort. I look forward to tracking your progress! Thanks

      1. Thanks, Meredith. Exactly. The key to success is consistent effort and trusting the process. It is a big learning curve, but Dean’s courses are invaluable. Being a part of this community and reading other’s post is also quite inspiring and idea producing.

  2. Fantastic post, Jordan!
    Affiliate marketing is for everyone in any situation.
    As Alison says, you just have to be willing to put in the work.
    I’m excited to see your next post and follow your journey.

    1. Hi Nakina. Yes, putting in the work sounds straightforward, but it is sometimes challenging when life happens. I just remain focused and do not worry if I get a little behind. For me it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  3. Hi Jordan! Yes, affiliate marketing is accessible to all age groups. The mission to success is not linear, though. A few steps forward can lead to a few steps back. Enjoyment of the process is how learning is most successful. No one likes to hear that in this fast paced world, but the sooner we slow down, the faster we will learn- and earn!

    1. Kate, very true. Society puts such emphasis on a fast paced life, especially in America. That’s why I enjoy England so much. More laid back and not in a big rush, especially in the north South Tyneside area. As Dean says, focus on the process, and keep moving forward, even if we take a step back now and then.

  4. Sarah gGoulding

    Affiliate marketing is for everyone. There is certainly no age that it suits more which makes this even better! Enjoying the journey is key as resilience is very much needed

    1. Thanks, Sarah. That’s my belief – this opportunity is for anybody, if they have the desire to change for a better life. I feel I can build the most trust with those in a similar situation to me – older, retired or Veterans. Sharing a common bond helps legitimize my story, though I would hope anyone could find inspiration from my journey.

  5. What a superb post! It just goes to show that whatever age or stage of life you’re at, affiliate marketing can help anyone. As long as you stick at it and don’t give up when times get rough, that’s the key. I wish you well in your journey and may you have success in chasing your dream!

    1. Thanks, Andy. That was my hardest lesson, and one I failed at last year – giving up, or at least getting discouraged when everything seemed so difficult and hard to understand. Reaching out to Dean for help was the key, which is normally hard for me since I have always tried to figure things out myself. I am realizing that I will achieve the greatest success by seeking guidance and mentorship and associating with everyone in this blog community.

    1. Thanks, Sherri. I do believe this opportunity is for everyone. I take a lot of inspiration from everyone’s blog posts and my hope is that I will eventually get a good as everyone else and people will be inspired in my journey.

  6. Jordan, Your candid reflections resonate deeply with many of us navigating life’s challenges and seeking avenues for financial stability and fulfillment. Regardless of age or circumstance, the pursuit of a better life is a universal aspiration. Your inclusive approach to addressing various life stages—from retirement concerns to early career struggles—demonstrates empathy and understanding. Your personal journey serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to believe in their potential and embrace the possibilities that affiliate marketing offers. Indeed, the road may be challenging, but your resilience and determination shine through, reminding us that setbacks are merely stepping stones to success. Thank you for sharing your insights and offering a guiding light for those embarking on similar paths. I look forward to following your journey and drawing inspiration from your experiences. Here’s to embracing the journey and realising our dreams. Atif

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