Memorial Day

Memorial Day. In America, it’s the last Monday in May. A day we honor those service men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. The true heroes.

It originated in the years following the Civil War and was initially known as Decoration Day. Memorial Day became a Federal holiday in 1971. ( The Civil War with over 620,000 dead. Hard to fathom that number.

As I have many British mates, in the United Kingdom their Remembrance Day, which is celebrated on November 11th, is equivalent to our Memorial Day. ( On this day I am always reminded of Sir Winston Churchill’s speech in 1940 about the Battle of Britain – “Never in the field of human conflict was so much been owned by so many to so few.” ( . If you’ve ever been to London, the RAF Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park is absolutely humbling and solemn.

Here in America, Arlington National Cemetery, in Washington DC, is an incredibly solemn, humbling and hallowed place.

Memorial Day also signifies the unofficial start of summer in America with schools out and pools open. As millions of American’s celebrate the Memorial Day holiday today with picnics, parties, and family gatherings, let’s remember those who gave all so that we can enjoy such festivities. And not only remembering and honoring the fallen service men and women but the families they left behind. The wives and husbands who lost their spouse, the sons and daughters who lost their mother or father, and the parents who lost their son(s) or daughter(s). They carry on with that loss.

I’m eternally grateful to those who went before me and paid the ultimate price. The true heroes.

I wish everyone an enjoyable Memorial Day holiday. Go out and enjoy your freedom!

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