Mother’s Day


One word means so much. Parent. Teacher. Coach. Motivator. Supporter. Chauffeur. Disciplinarian. Miracle healer. Mind reader. The list goes on.

Here in America we celebrate our mothers today, May 12th, the second Sunday in May. Brazil is the same. In England and Mexico it was March 10. In France it is May 26. Regardless of the country, it’s the day we take time to celebrate and honor the one who brought us into the world and who will always consider us her little boy or little girl, no matter how old we are or how successful we are.

In America, Mother’s Day is also considered the Super Bowl for Florists. I know for some who lost their mother, this day can be painful. For others whose mother is unwell, it can be emotional. For still others it is a celebration and an occasion to make her feel special (and an excuse for a nice brunch or dinner). Regardless of the circumstance, our mom helped nurture and develop us into who we are today. Take time to honor your mom today.

The pictures at the top of my post are of my mom and I as a wee child, and right before I deployed to Iraq in 2006. She raised me as a single mom and was my biggest supporter. We were of modest means growing up, but she always did her best to make me happy, especially on my birthday and at Christmas. I was also teased a bit by my friends, especially at Christmas. My last name is Clouse, pronounced like house. My mom’s first name is Sandra. She also goes by Sandi. Sandi Clouse. Say that fast, especially when it’s the Christmas holiday. You get the point.

Yes, I have many memories of mom making a chocolate cake and letting me lick the beaters (after she took them off, of course). I learned a lot from my mom, especially about kindness. She was always the nicest, most understanding and optimistic person I knew. Yes, I challenged her as a kid and was spanked, but there was never a moment I doubted she loved me. She always saw the best in people and greeted everyone with a smile. I have struggled to be like that, especially during my Army career and as a lawyer, but I am getting much better. Whether your mom is here with you or no longer with you, I hope her positive legacy lives on in you. As parents, that’s the best we can hope.

Earlier when I showed you how I reached my Why, I said, in part, that I wanted my family to admire how I lived my life and what I did to leave a positive legacy. Unfortunately my mom will never know how I am living my life now with my business and what I am doing to help others and make a positive impact. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2017, and although I’ve been taking care of her since then until she went to a long term care facility in 2020, we learned this past November she no longer remembers I am her son, just some nice man that visits with his dog every other day. Frustrating and sometimes depressing, yes, but that’s the nature of the disease. I understand and I also know I am fortunate as I still have her. Many have lost their mother, or she is in far worse condition.

I am thankful and grateful for my time with mom. It’s life. I am just a regular guy with a normal life, grateful for what I have but determined to make a difference and change the world around me. To strive for success and realize the retired life I want to live, to offer others the hope of starting their own business so they can dream and achieve the life they want, and to make a difference. I have found it is not money or trips or material possessions that make me the happiest, but helping others. I hope to be as kind and nice as my mom (I still have work to do) and be as encouraging to others as she was to me. That’s the purpose for my blog.

I hope you are able to celebrate this day with your mother, but if not, at least honor and celebrate her memory and legacy in you. Happy Mother’s Day.

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