Setbacks, Frustration and Reaffirmation

Earlier this week I planned to post about the next step I took on my Voyage in my affiliate marketing career. Life did not cooperate. It dealt me a setback, and then a bit of frustration. I was given lemons and found it impossible to turn that into lemonade. All I could do was be patient and understand life has its ups and downs and to wait to pick up where I left off.

On Sunday, May 26, I was on my computer in my office about 11:00 am creating my Memorial Day Blog, and knew a severe storm was approaching. I saw the wind pick up, which quickly turned into ferocious straight line winds. Then right in front of me I saw the wind change and start rotating in a circle, like a vortex. I wondered if I was watching the birth of an F0 tornado or a microburst. Then the power went out. Living in Kentucky the last eight years, I was used to the power going out during a severe storm.

Fortunately my Blog post auto saved so I didn’t lose my work. A lesson here – always save your work frequently and if you can put it on auto save, do so.

After I went around the house and turned off my backup power supplies and got my emergency radio and candles ready, I looked out my windows facing the backyard and saw trees from the neighbor’s yards had crashed into my yard, destroying most of my fence and knocking the power transformer to the ground. That explained the power outage and I knew this would be a couple of days. When the power went out, so did my wi-fi. So much for getting any work done. I was fortunate that only the yard and fence were affected, not the house.

Two days later the power was finally restored. However, my internet was still out and would not be restored until Friday. Since I do a lot of work on my home iMac, especially my Blog, I was unable to do anything other than work on cleaning up the mess in my yard. Before Sunday I was making progress on my Blog and was feeling really good about getting caught up on my Beginner’s Advantage training. Now nothing. Frustrating, yes, but I had no other choice other than to be patient.

After my Internet service was restored, I finished my Memorial Day post and started my training again. This was short lived as I flew to Las Vegas on Sunday for a mini-vacation, returning Wednesday. I fully intended to create another Blog post and possibly continue my Beginner’s Advantage training in the morning before I went out to experience Vegas, but I was unable to connect to Affiliate System on my laptop, despite all my best efforts. Interestingly I was able to connect to my Internet Profits hub and Facebook. Odd. Yes, I did enjoy Vegas but was frustrated I was unable to continue progress on my business. Just not meant to be.

A great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can work from anywhere. You are not limited to a fixed location. You can go anywhere and stay up to date on everything. That is, as long as your technology works. I do not advise working on your vacation though, because vacation is meant to be enjoyed. Nothing wrong with sending a few posts or even a Blog of your adventure, but as is my motto – life is meant to be enjoyed.

This meant I was mostly absent from my affiliate marketing business and blog for 10 days. I resigned myself to the fact that life gave me a setback on my progress and I got more experience with patience. It’s ok because I am in this for the long term and am back now, picking up where I left off.

As you start your affiliate marketing business, you will have setbacks and frustration. That’s life. Remembering you are not in a sprint race but are focused on the long term will help you keep a positive attitude. Remember your Why and your Goals. I am committed to this because I want to enjoy the rest of my life in retirement. Going to Vegas for a couple of days reaffirmed I want to generate the income to enjoy my dream life. It made my Why seem more real.

So dream. Dream about the life you want to have. Then commit to achieving it and know there will be setbacks and frustration along the way but that is only temporary. You are not in it to get rich quickly, but to get rich forever. Now that I am on my Voyage again, I am looking forward to what’s next (hint – Orlando).

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