The $110,000 Question – Why (Por Que)?

Why have I decided to become an affiliate marketer and operate my own business?

Firstly, as I already mentioned, you won’t get rich working for someone else. Owning and operating your own business is challenging and difficult, yes, especially just starting. However, the reward is being able to earn your true value and not have an income limited by what your boss or company says you are worth.

Secondly, to achieve my Dream Life. Take care of my daughter and her family, give my dogs their best life, pay off the rest of my debt, double my retirement income, finally retire to my dream home in Florida, buy a vacation home in South Tyneside, England, travel to all my “Bucket List” countries, greatly increase my donations to my favorite charities, and enjoy the rest of my life.

As Dean taught me when I was first starting out, to be successful in this, you must clearly know why you want to do this and what your dream life looks like. Your Why is your purpose and your Dream Life is your motivation to succeed and not let temporary setbacks derail you.

Thirdly, to show that anyone of any age and any circumstance can do this.

I am just a regular guy who has experienced life. I am not famous, my family was the opposite of wealthy and everything I achieved so far I worked hard for at a “traditional” job in the Army and then as a Government attorney. I am 62, divorced, still have debt left from my enormous undergrad and law school loan as well as from my last marriage, am fully retired, have a family in Arizona, and have two beautiful Shiba Inus, Toshi and Calli, that are my life and joy. While I am grateful for my current retirement income, I need more to achieve the dream life I desire.

Fourthly, I have also found the greatest joy in helping others. This Blog is about helping you! I am not social media savvy like many other people and had a steep learning curve with affiliate marketing. If you are older like me, don’t be hesitant or afraid of doing this, but take the chance and embrace it. I wish I saw something like this when I was starting out. This is my chance to fix that and help other beginners get an advantage in starting their business, especially those in my generation. If I can do this, I know you can.

Use my successes for your own benefit and vicariously learn from my frustrations and failures so you won’t become overwhelmed, frustrated and give up. Life is short. Take advantage of the opportunities you are given to make a better life. One of your first opportunities is to follow me on my journey to the top.

12 thoughts on “The $110,000 Question – Why (Por Que)?”

  1. Regina Burton

    Hi Jordan,
    You have some great goals and I hope you achieve all that you want in the future. I too have the philosophy that if I can do this at the age of nearly 68 then anyone can. I might be a bit slower than the younger ones due to my inexperience with computers and social media platforms.
    So I hope we can inspire other retirees to give affiliate marketing a go. Here’s to our success!

    1. Regina, being a retiree in my 60s and a Veteran, those are the two niches I want to focus on as I can truly relate. We were raised during a different time and have different values and mindsets. That isn’t to say I will ignore all other demographics. Absolutely not. I hope I come across as real and relatable and just a regular guy. Unfortunately there are many financial challenges for retirees today that make it harder to have a nice life. I truly believe affiliate marketing is a great way for us to do much better and enjoy our lives. Thanks.

  2. Jordan, Your decision to dive into affiliate marketing and build your own business is inspiring. It’s clear you’ve got big dreams and a solid plan to achieve them. Your journey from a traditional job to this new venture shows that age and circumstances shouldn’t hold anyone back. Your willingness to share your successes and failures will undoubtedly help others navigate this path too. Can’t wait to see where your journey takes you. Thanks, Atif

    1. Atif, I enjoy your posts. Your site is well done and you are an inspiration. Thank you. I am just starting out and have a long way to go and have made many mistakes. I hope others can learn from those and not go through what I did. As a lawyer, even though I don’t actively practice, I didn’t stop learning once I finished law school and then got my LLM. No, that was just the end of formal education. I always kept learning and bettering myself. New to affiliate marketing there is so much to learn and get good at, it’s sometimes overwhelming. I have to believe slow and steady wins the race on my voyage to the top. Thanks.

  3. Hi, Jordan!
    Your dogs are beautiful! They look so at peace in that pic.

    Congratulations on knowing your “why.” I have found that having multiple reasons for my why is helpful. Sometimes, I’m motivated by money; sometimes, I’m more motivated by taking violin lessons; and sometimes, when it gets really hard, the only thing that can motivate me is the idea that I can figure this out and share how to do this with others.

    This idea of multiple whys is something I just kinda stumbled upon. It sounds like you’ve got it in the beginning. Good for you!

    Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Thanks, Nakina. This was also publicly declaring what my goals were to the world. It’s one thing to think about them. It is another thing to actually say it out loud publicly. Now I’ve rather committed to achieving those goals with the understanding others following my voyage will expect me to achieve them. Self-induced pressure to succeed, but we never achieve anything through wishing for it.

  4. Jordan, that’s the spirit!! The tech skills can be a real obstacle, and they are for me. However, I won’t give up! And it sounds you won’t give up, either!! The ask Dean anything Dean provides will get us out of a jam! Thankful for that!!

    1. Kate, it took me a long time to finally reach out for help from Dean. I suffer from the “I need to do it my own way” itis, which did not lead to success, only disappointment and frustration. Reaching out to Dean and his team was a tremendous boost. Dean even sent me a personal video encouraging me. How many CEOs actually take the time to do that? It was amazing. A true diamond, Dean.

  5. Hi Jordan,
    You strike me as a very down-to-earth person who would be trustworthy and a boon to anyone new to the affiliate marketing world. You have truly struck gold with this program. Receiving a personalised video from the man himself must have been a magical experience. Being on the the cusp of 70, I can attest to the fact that one can start this at any age. We are in good hands. I wish you the best of luck.

    1. Andy, thanks.
      I’m getting into this new career much later in life after I retired. I agree that this system and business is applicable and relevant for anyone, especially those of our generation. I was shocked to receive a personal motivational video from Dean. That speaks to his character. I hope to inspire others to success. Thanks again.

  6. Sarah Goulding

    I really appreciate your honesty and you come across as very down to earth.
    Bizarrely, I currently work for a family business, people are working for me and my family, but yet I too am seeking a different life style. Even in my blessed position, I want to be passionate about what I do and enjoy other parts of life.
    I look forward to reading your future blogs

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I applaud your effort to seek something different for you, even with being in a blessed position. As I say often, life is meant to be lived, so find something you enjoy. I look forward to seeing your journey on your different path.

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