The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports (Training)

Saturday, the 4th of May. The Kentucky Derby. Nicknamed “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports.” The time it takes those beautiful horses to race 1 1/4 miles, or 10 furlongs. It is not just a race, but a two day event for locals and world famous celebrities alike. The pageantry, gala, big hats, cigars, and of course Mint Julep. Oh, and the gambling. This year was the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby.

Actually there are two main races. The Kentucky Oaks, held the first Friday in May, which is America’s premier race for three year old Phillies (female horses). And the Kentucky Derby, held the following day, the first Saturday in May, which is the premier race for three year old Thoroughbreds (male or female). It is the first leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes). There are 14 races on that Saturday, with the 12th race being the actual Kentucky Derby. If you’ve never seen a horse race up close at the railing next to the track it is an amazing sight to behold. Having ridden a horse a couple of times, I am in awe of their beauty and sheer power. Careful when riding as you can have a sore butt for days if you don’t know how to ride.

What everyone sees, both next to the track and in the stands, and on TV, is the two minute performance of every horse, with the best of the best Winning, Placing and Showing (1st, 2nd and 3rd). The end result. The Goal. The Winner’s Circle and the wreath of roses. The glory, fame and riches of winning.

What no one sees are the countless hours each horse spends developing and training, and the trainers, coaches, groomers, equine therapists, and barn and facility managers working towards the one common goal. It is a team, working together, devoting countless hours training and developing that horse to be the best it can be. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but over a period of 3 years, from birth to the race. A lot of money, time, effort, patience, understanding, determination and perseverance go into making a race horse, let alone a champion. The unseen, but without it, nothing happens.

I am learning that the unseen is a critical aspect of success in affiliate marketing. I will not get rich quick in my business, but I fully intend to get rich forever. To do that, I am putting in the learning and training, through courses, online coaching sessions, live meetings and the community of my fellow bloggers. I cannot be impatient. I have to trust the process, which admittedly can be frustrating sometimes, and put in the time to learn my craft. How many successful people do you know or know about that became an instant success without any training or preparation, or without incredible determination and perseverance, even through failure? Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky, Tom Brady, Bill Rodgers, Cristiano Ronaldo, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Dean Holland, and of course, Albert Einstein.

Dean Holland? Yes, Dean Holland. A highly successful, multi-millionaire affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, and business coach, who has a passion for your success, and is my mentor. If you do not know Dean Holland’s story of starting in affiliating marketing deep in debt, and then failing for several years until realizing success and achieving millions of dollars in sales in affiliate marketing, then join my free newsletter by clicking here, and get two free gifts and learn about Dean Holland.

Unlike many people in affiliate marketing, I am quite older and have a much sorter time frame to achieve my dream life and live the life I want. Thus I am not only focusing on learning and understanding affiliate marketing, but going above and beyond to master my strategy and platform. I don’t want to be good, I want to be one of the best. That takes time. It took me three years of learning in law school and then at least five years of being a practicing attorney before I actually started getting good at my profession. However, eight years is too long. My first goal is my first $1 in commissions. Then my first $100 in commissions. Then my first $1,000 month. Then my first $10,000 month. And then much more. To get to that level, I need to be good at what I do. A master. With Dean Holland’s courses, especially the Beginner’s Advantage, and my own additional self-study, I will.

Like the Derby, I am focusing on the unseen this year – the learning, training, developing, dedication and perseverance, so I can start achieving success, and in affiliate marketing, success begets success. Also like the Derby, I am not doing this alone. I am taking advantage of the coaching sessions, live training and Q&A meetings, and the support and encouragement of my fellow blogger community. My success will be a team effort. I have finally learned that painful lesson after a year of wasting my life.

If you are like me, retired or approaching retirement and have a shorter time frame to achieve your dream life, then follow me on my voyage and learn from my failures and leverage my successes. I want to prevent you from wasting your time and help you achieve success even faster than I. Now back to my training.

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