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At this point you know Why you want to do this, you may have decided on a demographic to focus on, you have your measurable income Goal to achieve, and you know Time is your most precious resource. Hopefully you also have Dean’s book The Iceberg Effect and understand why traditional affiliate marketing is dead and how to succeed. If you have not gotten his free book, click here: Iceberg Effect.

Your next step is to learn about affiliate marketing. You are responsible for your own success. You have two options – get serious about your affiliate marketing business and commit to being successful, or just let life pass you by with unrealized dreams. I failed to commit to learning and being successful when I first started a year ago and wasted a year of my life. Do not go into this half-heartedly, but treat it as a serious business. It can be a part-time business right now, but you still need to show up every day and put your focused attention into it. If you want to be in the top 10%, you must be willing to do what the other 90% are not. If you have not read my post about April Fool’s Day and Time, go back and read it to understand.

Next, do not do this alone! There is a big learning curve and it can seem overwhelming to understand it all and put it into practice. If you read my backstory, you know I tried one affiliate marketing program and quit and then tried a second one and quit. They were both difficult to understand and it was hard to get help. I was stuck doing it by myself and got discouraged. Social media promised instant riches yet I failed.

I then saw Dean Holland’s program and something sparked my interest. This time I looked him up to see if he was genuine and liked what I saw. I immediately got his free book The Iceberg Effect and then invested in his Super Affiliate program and became a Certified Partner. That opened up a new level of involvement with coaching, live monthly online events and a supportive and encouraging Facebook community. However, I did not take advantage of it as I stupidly kept trying to figure things out on my own and let life distractions change my focus.

After I finally reached out for help the end of last year and Dean himself sent me an encouraging message, I realized the error of my introverted ways, had a renewed sense of purpose and energy, and recommitted to focusing on my business. I joined his Beginner’s Advantage program and that was the catalyst I needed to start my voyage to success, as manifested with the creation of this Blog. There is a lot to learn. This time I am reaching out for help if I get stuck, I am participating in the weekly training meetings, learning from Dean’s Monday motivational broadcast, Sophie’s Wednesday FB training, and Glenn’s Friday round-up broadcast, plus the Saturday share. The reaffirmation I get from Dean, Sophie and Glenn and the inspiration I get from my fellow bloggers is amazing.

So where does that leave you? Unless you already have a social media presence, are internet and html code savvy, and know how to build a sales funnel and can generate and drive Internet traffic, you need to learn how to do that. Yes there is a lot of free advice on the Internet about how to start affiliate marketing. You get what you pay for. For me, I was serious about replacing the income I had given up when I quit my Federal civilian job and being able to live my dream life. Investing in a comprehensive, proven program created by a very successful affiliate marketer, Dean Holland, was a no-brainer.

Education is an investment in yourself and your future. You are investing in yourself to learn how to achieve your dream(s). I invested a lot in law school to learn how to be an attorney and got a good rate of return. The investment you will make in affiliate marketing will be significantly less than law school, but the return on your investment can be exponentially greater and give you true financial freedom. As always, I am here to help. That’s the genesis for this Blog.

Once you begin your course, immerse yourself in it rather than trying to learn a little bit at a time. Take advantage of your momentum when first starting out and build on that. As Sophie Sion Byde said: There is only one way to get good at something – by doing it over and over again. You don’t succeed in business because you want it or deserve it. You succeed because you learn how to create success and get good at it through practice over the long term. Focused consistency is key. Additionally, take advantage of any coaching or mentorship or weekly video training and group coaching sessions offered.

A good mentor can make all the difference and help keep you focused. I will share what I am learning, what I am doing, what is working and lessons I’ve learned. I will be honest with you, both during frustrating times and successful times. When I first started out, I was overwhelmed and wish I found something like this to help me. Well, I am doing the Blog for you. I am committed to success and reaching my goals, and want you to succeed and reach your goals as well.

Remember, every journey begins with having the courage to take that first step. To invest in yourself and your future. And to learn from my mistakes and failures so you can avoid them and capitalize on my successes. Continue to follow me on my Voyage and learn with me. For inside information on my journey, join my free newsletter here: Voyager Newsletter.

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